2018 Wall Planner


The Subohm 2017 Wall planner went on to be a great success for everyone involved and now we are working on the 2018 version. Containing all dates of significance in the industry with a fun and stylish design, the Subohm wall planner has been seen all around the country. Its eye-catching layout has seen the planner not only on the walls of shops and related companies but also in the background of some pretty high profile reviewer's videos too. 

We print a huge surplus of these to last throughout the year. We hand them out everywhere we go and participants are even welcome to request a large quantity of the planners to distribute with their own marketing materials and orders. In addition to distributing the planners with every copy of the magazine, we have some of the leading distributors in the industry who support us by including a copy
with their own orders, growing the reach even further outside of our circle and sometimes even overseas. 

Our research has found that this format far exceeds the market penetration of your classic flip over calendar format as your brand is seen daily throughout the whole year as opposed to just one month. The weight and simplicity of the design also
makes it much more available as it is easy to send out to anyone who wants one.

We are now accepting orders for the 2018 Wall Planner. This is some of the best value for money we have ever offered and we hope that you take full advantage of this opportunity.