An Introduction to Home Brewing

June 5, 2017



So you’ve been vaping for a while and enjoying the assortment of e liquids out there. From the creamy custards to the fruity menthols, there is a wide range of choice available. The Tobacco Products Directive is approaching fast and this could change the variety of e liquids available. 


 What can we do about this? Could the answer be home brewing? For the past six months I have been home brewing my own max VG e liquids. I decided to do this because as a sub-ohmer/cloud chaser, I can get through 15ml per day, or even sometimes more!


I have made some great juices and some questionable juices, but I have had real fun experimenting. The world is your vaping oyster when it comes to blending your own juices. In this article, I will introduce you to making your own juice and using all in one concentrates or, as they are known in the homebrew community, ‘one shot‘ concentrates.


Here’s what you will need to get started:


• Syringes (1ml, 5ml, 10ml 

• Bottles 

• Child proof caps 

• Labels (optional, but handy) 

• Vegetable Glycerine (VG) 

• Propylene Glycol (PG) 

• Concentrates 

• Nicotine solution (optional)

• Latex gloves – (for nicotine solution): this is for handling the nicotine, which can be absorbed through the skin. 


These items are best bought in kits and are available in both single units and wholesale from decadentvapours. com,,, and 



The kit I’m using for this mix is from MakeMyVape, they have some great recipes as well as everything you will need to get started. 



One shot concentrates can be found on,, (whose Purpello is great at 15- 18% mix,) and vampirevape. There are more out there, you just have to use your trusty search engine. 



So, once you have all your equipment, you have your one shot concentrate, your VG and your PG. what do you do next? 


The one-shot mix I am currently vaping tastes like Cherry Tunes. 




• Vampire Vapes – Attraction 15%, Menthol – 5% 

• Nicotine (72mg/ml, PG) - 4.17% (optional) 

• VG – 70%. PG – 5.83% 


This is a VG/PG mix of 70/30, although you may notice the PG is only 5.83%. This is because the flavours and nicotine are suspended in PG, which accounts for the rest. 

If you use a tank you may want a higher PG content, especially if you ‘plus ohm.’ 


If you drip you will want maximum VG, but be aware the flavour will take a little longer to develop because of the VG’s viscosity. 




1. Get your bottle cleaned and ready for mixing. 

2. Measure each ingredient into the bottle - I normally start with VG, PG then concentrates. If you would like to add nicotine to your juice you would add that last. 

3. Give it a good long shake - VG is very thick and takes longer to mix in with the other ingredients. 

4. Remove the lid and rest in a cool dark place for a couple of hours - This allows the liquid to breathe and evaporates any alcohol which is sometimes found in flavours. 

5. Screw on the lid and leave to the cool dark place - This is known as steeping, which is when the flavours slowly mingle, developing into the finished product. Giving your juice a shake every other day can help with the mixing process. 


Some flavours need more time too steep than others, fruity menthol flavours tend to take a week or so, creamy custard recipes can take four to six weeks. This process allows the flavours to balance out and the juice will lose some of its bitter harshness. 

The liquid will change colour, which is normal. Every now and again give it a blast and and see if you like it. 


Everyone’s taste is different, only you know when it’s ready. 


When you make your e liquid remember to write down your recipe. Keep a note of the date and steep time. This way you can replicate it or tweak it if it’s not to your liking. Search for home brew communities online. There are lots of groups that will help with questions and finding good vendors. As long as you’re polite and respectful, people will share their secrets, recipes and any good deals on supplies. 


If you need to work out your own mix, you can use an e liquid calculator, I use www.e-liquid-recipes. com. Just fill in all the details on your desired VG/PG percentage, nicotine strength and how much juice you want to make and it will tell you exactly how much of each ingredient you need. E-Liquid- is a great resource, as well as the liquid calculator, it has thousands of recipes that have been made, tested and rated. You can even search concentrate names for recipes containing a particular flavour. 


Once you’re comfortable mixing, try some recipes that involve more than one concentrate and adapt them. 


There are clone recipes for some of your favourite flavours. Fancy a pound cake with orange instead of lemon? 


Make some yourself! 


The vaping community is growing and there are loads of great people out there who love sharing their mixing experience. Ask questions, create recipes and most importantly, enjoy home brewing. 

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