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October 17, 2018


Ric ModMaker - I run a small website -www.modmaker.co.uk - selling mod making components, I’m an admin on the Facebook groups “Mod Making Help & Advice” and “Mod Showcases” and I am a host on You Tube’s The Ideal Ohm Show.

How long have you been vaping and what got you started?

I started vaping about 5 years ago, having been a smoker for 30 years, so I’d say I started in order to improve my health. Apart from health, I just sort of stumbled into it on my own.


What changes have you experienced in that time?

Wow, there are so many! I’ve see this industry grow and change so fast over the last 5 years. It’s quite amazing. As a modder, it’s been great to see the mod making industry develop and grow.


To have had a hand in helping lots of people build their own mods and building mods to sell to the end users has been and is a real privilege. The number of modding parts available now is so different compared with what was available just a couple of years ago.


It’s moving fast, I still get a buzz when new modding parts are brought to market and somebody posts something they’ve made and are enjoying. It still makes me smile when I see somebody make their first mod and they are proud of themselves. That hasn’t changed for me over the years. When I started there weren’t many atomisers, a handful of mods and not much juice available. 


Now there are hundreds of atties, mods, stock coils, decent juice - it’s never been easier for a new vaper to get a good setup and a satisfying vape. 


Back then, we had to work for a good vape trawling through YouTube videos and forums to work out how to setup an atomiser. I always found juice was geared towards the old CE4 type atomizers so was pg heavy which is why I started making my own. 


Also mods were underpowered which made some of us start building our own. Forums like the Planet Of The Vapes and UKVapers were a lifeline to vapers when there weren’t many of us around. 


I remember feeling like I was the only vaper in my town. It would be rare that I ever saw anybody even using an Ego so social networking back then was important to me.


Fast forward to now and there are millions of people vaping with vape shops in nearly every town and facebook is heaving with groups of vapers who are all enjoying the vape community.


A few years ago sub ohm setups on mechanical mods was frowned upon by the community with horror stories of exploding devices etc. 


Now there are sub ohm atties and sub ohm stock coils. I think a lot of newer vapers don’t get where sub ohming comes from but back then if you wanted to vape at over 20w on a mechanical mod you had to sub ohm. Now the term is bandied around but back then it was us cloudy mech users pushing batteries to their limits.


When did you decide to start making YouTube videos and what inspired you?

I don’t think I was inspired as such but I used to watch guys like Igetcha69, Todd, and quite a few Americans when I got new atties but we decided to start The Ideal Ohm Show when the guys from The Plumes of Hazard wanted to help us start a UK show.


I honestly didn’t know much about YouTube reviewers and channels until we started doing our own show so it’s been an eye opener meeting all the biggest reviewers in the vape game. Some of them have even been on our little show which still amazes me.


Being friends with Dean, The Vaping Biker, we talked a couple of years ago about doing a vape show but nothing came of it until one day he asked me if I wanted to start one with him and two others. I thought it would be fun and am happy to say it is. 


Dean and I joined a hangout and got chatting to John Martin from Safer Vapers and Craig Harrison from Derby Vapers and we decided to give it a go. The next thing I know - we have the most popular live vape show in the UK and we haven’t looked back since. Dean has moved on and is too busy with his review channel so now we have Richard (Vaping V1ck) as our fourth co-host.


The result of doing this show is we have helped to make a really decent community.


We would be nothing without all the good people on our group and they make every day and any vape convention really fun to go to.


For our readers who haven’t come across your channel before, what topics do you cover? And how regularly do you publish videos?

We do a live show every Thursday at 9.00pm GMT on our YouTube channel The Ideal Ohm Show and on www.theohmpage.com. We mainly sit around, drink and take the p*** out of anything we can. We also talk about anything new that’s out, juices and any vape related news that’s stood out for the week.  It’s a good laugh; we enjoy covering hot topics, our experiences and generally acting like children.


What advice could you offer someone who’s just getting started?

In a word - community. Join groups and don’t be afraid to make an arse of yourself. We all started somewhere, learning as we go. I make an arse of myself every week on the show but it is unintentional. I’d also say buy a setup that works for you. It’s really easy to get a good cheap setup that will keep you off of the cigs. Go into your local vape shop and ask questions. That’s what they are there for. Sit around, try juices and find what works for you. Once you’ve got a setup that works, get another one. Mostly, enjoy yourself and be proud you aren’t smoking.


Which other vape reviewers do you rate?

There are so many I can’t mention them all but here goes: I love Todd from Todd’s Reviews. He is my hero and a damned fine specimen of a Scotsman; The Plumes Of Hazard, The Vaping Biker, Vaping V1ck, Gary from IGetcha69, InkyVaper, Ruby Roo, Suck My Mod. There are so many good reviewers out there now you are spoilt for choice. I’m sure I’ve missed loads but don’t hold it against me. I’m old and have a bad memory.


In your opinion what’s the hottest thing to hit the market this year?

With so many great things coming on the market this year I’d have to say the Kayfun 5 and the Cleito. 


Yes the Cleito. Why? Because I think the Cleito is great for new vapers with stock coils and even better for advanced vapers with the RTA and Bulb glass.


Apart from that, I don’t really follow trend. I try things and I vape what works for me.


What recent trends have you noticed in the industry?

Squonking. The vape world has gone squonk mad. I’ve only recently started using a squonker but for those that like drippers, it does make it easier to moisten your wicks which we all like doing.


What device did you start vaping on?

Ego & CE4 clearos.


What’s your ADV now?

Right this second on my desk I have two PWM mods, an SXMini Q-Class, an SX350 wooden mod and a series Mechanical squonker. On top of those I have two Cleitos, a Kayfun 5, A Velocity v1 and a OBS Crius. 


I pretty much have all of the entry level atties and rotate between them when I feel like a change but these are my go to ones right now.


Juice I’m enjoying right now is my Voodoo Brew that I make, along with some juice ranges from SteamWorks.


I’ve got some LemonBerry from OFE that is very nice and some Cypriot juice from CodeVapors called Roasted. 


There are honestly too many juices on the shelf for me to mention them all but those are my favourites today.


Where do you see the vape market in 5 years from now?

That’s really hard to predict. I honestly don’t have a clue. Hopefully, but I won’t hold my breath, the establishment will put health before money and stop trying to hinder progress of our industry. It’s come so far and I think it’s near on as good as it can get right now. I certainly don’t need anything else but, that said, improvements and changes will be made. What I would like to see is improved battery life, improved filling mechanisms for atties and an end to these manufacturers who think cyclonic airflow makes a difference to the taste of vapour.


Let’s sit back and enjoy the ride as I’m sure there will be lots of good and bad things to be released in the future. One thing I do know is The Ideal Ohm Show will enjoy taking the p*** out of bad products and Mod Makers will carry on making exceptional mods even if the laws change. We may all be criminals in the future but vaping is here to stay.




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