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October 17, 2018



I’m a YouTube reviewer and occasional blogger. No juice reviews due to having taste buds as delicate as a house-brick - I concentrate on hardware and shiny stuff. I have a preference for the airier side of things and I’m a bit of a fan of the cloudage, however, I enjoy a nice subtle ‘gentleman’s vape’ now and then when I’m focused on a bit of flavour, or in a situation where blowing clouds isn’t a great idea – I’m certainly not a Mouth To Lung vaper though.

How significant a part of life is vaping?
Incredibly so, the health benefits compared with smoking, the fantastic community, the hobbyist aspect, and the friends I’ve made have all made a significant, positive influence on my world.


What’s your ‘all day vape’?
Difficult to answer, as a reviewer, I’m generally vaping on whatever is in my review queue at any given time, however, I often have a tank setup, a squonking setup, and something fun and cloudy going at any one time. Current favourites are the Vapor Giant Mini in the Smoant Knight V1, the Halcyon DNA200 Squonker from Lost Vape with the Velocity V2, and an SX mini Q class with a Dotmod Petri 1.5 (just because it matches and is a good mix of flavour and medium clouds).


What trends have you noticed?
There’s definitely been a strong influx of really good affordable gear, both with atomisers and mods. Rebuilding has definitely been on the increase as well, even in 2014 building your own coils wasn’t close to being as popular as it is now - certainly not with the works of art coming out from some people these days.

How long have you been vlogging on YouTube and what’s changed in that time?
My first vaping video was in Oct 2014, but I don’t feel I seriously invested myself into the channel until June/July 2015. Obviously sub-ohming has gained spectacular momentum over the last couple of years, and since the Atlantis back in 2014, airy sub-ohm tanks and RDTAs have changed the scenery of vaping. We’ve also had the injection of temp limiting devices and they’re growing in accuracy and usefulness seemingly monthly (Stainless Steel for the win by-the-way).


How has your experience affected your reviewing process?
My process has always been to try to produce content that comes across like you’re down the pub with a mate and talking about vaping. I try not to jump-cut, and experience reviewing has allowed me to be more at ease in front of the camera which I think is in context to the ‘chatting with a mate’ kind of vibe.


Who’s inspired you most in the vape community?
That’s a tough one! Reviewers like Mark Todd and Igetcha69 have always made me want to improve my content, production, and variety of products. Otherwise, other vaping reviewers, modmakers and vapers themselves constantly surprise me and make me want to be better at what I do.

What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you while recording?
Generally burping or having a complete brain-fart, and forgetting how to speak words. I have recorded a review just after lunch and didn’t realise until I uploaded it that half my tomato soup was still in my beard! That got taken down and re-shot pretty quickly! Otherwise, I don’t really get embarrassed, we all make cock-ups so learn to embrace the idiot moments and don’t take things too seriously.

Who or what makes you laugh?
My 15 year old Springer Spaniel, Dizzy. She’s old, a bit porky, going deaf, half blind, daft as a brush, and thick as custard (all very similar to Mark Todd now I think about it ;-)) and makes me LOL on a daily basis. She’s awesome.

Do you have any hidden talents?
I don’t know about talents, but obviously I ride motorbikes (Honda Shadows), and have taught myself fabrication, metal shaping, and welding, all in order to build or customise them (with varying degrees of success over the years). Plus I’m getting back into guitar, but recent videos I’ve played on testify use of the word ‘talent’ could be a stretch.

What is the greatest luxury in your life?
Being able to relax with people in life I care about (and Dizzy of course).

What would be your advice to someone thinking about coming into this industry?
Be passionate about it. In reviewing it’s not all freebies and an hour a week in front of a camera, it’s a lot of personal investment of time and money, plus a pretty damn strong commitment, it’s expensive and you have to give up a lot to do it well – most of all though, have integrity and be yourself.


If it’s working in a B&M then passion needs to be there, and also a desire to listen to your customer and help to meet their needs, not just throwing a starter kit at them. Nobody knows everything, keep an open mind, keep learning, and remember, regardless of starter kit or high end, clouds or flavour, big or low watts, everyone is vaping for the same underlying reason, learn as much as you can about it all.
Thanks very much and ‘ave it LARGE!




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