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October 24, 2018


I am delighted to bring you a review of three juices from the Pocket Fuel Gourmet Eliquid range: Cherry Pie, Pink Fizz and Blue Raspberry. This review is a little different as I have concentrated on the aroma and flavour of the liquids.


Cherry Pie


The scent - a strong ripe cherry, comes across quite sweet, but more like a sugar coated cherry.


The flavour - I get two tones of cherry from this juice. On the inhale there is the taste of freshly picked cherries with an undertone of pastry although it is delicate. The exhale is when this juice delivers a mighty explosion of very ripe, rich, dark cherries leaving your mouth salivating for more.


The juice brings back childhood memories of helping my grandma pick cherries from her tree in the garden and her making a wonderful pie for tea from our harvest that had a melt in the mouth, light flaky pastry. 


Though it wouldn’t hurt for a little more pastry flavour, this delightful juice is definitely an all-day vape for me.


Pink Fizz


The scent - A very sweet strawberry comes first with an after smell of what I can only describe as opening a pack of refreshers.


The flavour - On the inhale there is an excellent candy strawberry, but it is the exhale that you will be waiting for. The exhale gives the sensation like champagne does when the bubbles burst over your tongue and the roof of your mouth. I found this a refreshing and exciting vape.


My first thoughts on this juice was to a strawberry sherbet or pink refreshers, but after vaping further I would rather describe it as a pink champagne in reverse.


It is not quite an all-day vape for me, but certainly a juice I would enjoy occasionally.
Blue Raspberry


The scent – A slightly sweet raspberry.


The flavour - Straight from the off, this superb juice gives you a sugar coated raspberry on the inhale, with a beautifully blended mix of raspberry and blueberry on the exhale.


The fruits come through sweetened but juicy and true to the fresh fruit.


There are hints that this juice is like a blue slushy but for me this juice is mucAh better, not as watery and sweet. The fruits are excellent.

I have really enjoyed this juice and again is indeed an all-day vape for me.



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