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October 26, 2018




Colours: Mod available in 4 colours 

Dimensions: 50X40X84mm and 0.69inch OLED screen

Wattage: 1-200W

Temperature: 100-300°C/200-600°F

Functions: TC-Ni/TC-Ti/TC-SS/VW Modes

Batteries: 3X 18650, high drain, 25A and above 

Resistance: 0.05‡ - 1.5‡ for TC-Ni/TC-SS mode
                     0.1-3.5 ‡ VW mode

Thread type: 510 thread


Mosfet is installed in these mods as a safety feature along with reverse polarity protection and a powerful chip, which has a top output of 200W and advanced temperature control functions.


After a lot of excitement and anticipation, I opened the wrapping and out came my new WISMEC REULEAUX RX200 in a velvet feel foam casing, a USB cable, an authentication card, a battery safety notice (nice to see Wismec care about our safety!) and a quick guide on how to use the mod.


The design by Jay Bo and creation by Wismec resulted in a fantastic looking mod. It is aesthetically pleasing and its shape fits nicely in the hand with good access to all the buttons.


Having taken a good look at the device itself, I turned my attention to what it can do and had a little vape. After a standard five clicks to unlock, away we go. The ‘clicky-ness’ and connectivity of the firing button sets this box mod apart from others. It is fast and has a powerful feel not unlike a mechanical mod. The ramp up time on this mod is impressive. It works well with tanks and drippers, which the three 18650 batteries do well with. This is an upgrade against competitors where I have noticed diminished battery life in other mods I’ve used.


The screen is bright and has a stealth mode which turns the screen light off when not wanted, and sits flush against the face plate. Jay Bo has his name inscribed on the firing button, which is a nice touch. Reuleaux have also printed their logo on the top of the mod. It is small, almost unnoticeable, which adds to its smart and neat appearance.


The micro USB port is on the face plate below the screen. 


There are not a lot of cons for this box mod, in my opinion. For me, the lack of options or modes available is a bit of a disappointment. I would have liked to see a memory mode when using it in wattage mode. I don’t think using three 18650 batteries is a con as the power output is worth it, however, a downside to this could be the need to have a charger that will fit at least three batteries.


Now for the best bit - the pros: The packaging and box it comes in are well designed and good quality, ensuring good protection. The batteries I have mentioned before and I will again. The power and battery life itself is remarkable. While this mod does need batteries with an output above 25 amps and they should be for high drain devices, it does seem to save battery life when not in use. The overall design of this mod gives it a sleek look and the venting holes do not take away from this. The weight is good - not too heavy considering the batteries, the shape fits well in hand and the 510 spring loaded thread adds to the pros. It has good balance and doesn’t fall over easily. This is now my go-to mod - the best I have had the privilege to review to date.




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