Ready Steady Vape!

November 7, 2018


When Charlie from Subohm asked me to participate in an article called “Ready steady vape” I thought why not - it was a chance to try some new flavours and let others know how they tasted.


I received my package from Decadent Vapours. It was a bright green padded envelope and which stood out from the rest of my mail and looked great. Inside were 12 bottles/6 flavours. The packaging of the bottles looked cool - black and white with a vintage feel to them. The flavours were Peppermint, Strawberrino, Purpello, White



Grape, Brekzest and ……Roast Beef. 


My initial reaction was not a bad selection, until I came to the Roast Beef - I didn’t fancy vaping an Oxo cube!!! 


So how did the flavours smell? 


Well, the Peppermint was lovely - like a piece of Kendal mint cake in a bottle. 


The Strawberrino, which is described as being “fresh summer strawberry with a touch of exotic” was fresh and I definitely got the strawberry from this, but I’ll go into that more with my mix review.


The Purpello is a blackcurrant boiled sweet flavour and smelled sweet with the warm blackcurrant flavour oozing out of the bottle.


The White Grape had a light and fragrant aroma - very sweet with a summer vibe.


Brekzest smelled like well-done toast, there is a marmalade element to it, but my nose couldn’t find it. It’s an interesting smell - who knew you could bottle the smell of toast?


Finally, Roast Beef, what can I say? It definitely had a savoury smell - like a beef stock cube and I was not sure how to use this.


Anyway, I started thinking how I could mix them. 


The first combination I decided on was peppermint and strawberrino, which I called pepperberry! Mint is such a versatile flavour that I was sure they would go! The mixing ratio was 15% strawberrino to 5% peppermint.


Secondly, I decided on purpello, strawberrino and white grape. I felt this would be along the lines of a famous fruity drink and I called it Strimto. This was 10% purpello, 5% strawberrino and 5% white grape.


Lastly I decided on a toasted beef sandwich, using the brekzest and roast beef. For this I used 15% brekzest and 5% roast beef.



Once I had chosen the percentages I needed to decide on the quantities. I opted for 20ml of each flavour, as I wanted to see how they tasted before investing in large amounts of concentrate. I opened up the e-liquid recipes page, typed the percentages and quantities into the ‘create a recipe’ and that worked out how much of each ingredient I needed.


Once I had all the information I prepared my syringes, clean bottles and ingredients. 


I measured out the concentrates into the respective bottles. I then measured out the VG that I wanted (I made max VG juice, but you could use a PG/VG mix just change the ingredients mix on the ‘create a recipe’ page of e-liquid recipes) and added it to each bottle.


I decided not to add nicotine as these were testers but you could add the nicotine as some say it affects the flavour but personally, I have not noticed this.


Once each bottle had been filled I gave them a good shake. Both Strimto and Roast Beef Sandwich remained clear after shaking but Pepperberry had a slight haze to it; this was the oils in the peppermint flavour and nothing to worry about.


I labelled them up and left them in a cupboard, with the caps off so they could breathe for 24 hours.


A day later I screwed the caps back on and gave them another good shake. I then left them for six days to steep. (Remember a basic rule is one week for fruity flavours and one month+ for custards).




Roll on a week and they were ready to vape! For this I used an Aspire Cleito tank, 0.4 ohm coil on a Jaybo rx200.


First I tried the Pepperberry.  I filled my tank, let it sit for 5 mins to permeate the wick, and then had a hit at 50 watts. WOW! The peppermint hits you, cool as an extra strong mint, leaving my mouth feeling clean and fresh. Then the strawberry comes through. (When I choose strawberries in the supermarket, I love to smell them first.) The aroma of a punnet filled with the fragrance of perfectly ripe strawberries, is exactly what I tasted. It was a refreshing vape that would be lovely on a warm summer’s day. I would probably reduce the peppermint to 3% and the strawberrino to 17% to get a stronger strawberry flavour.


The Strimto had a strong fruity smell which I vaped in the same device with a fresh coil and the same wattage. This came across as lovely and warm. I could taste each component of this mix. I enjoyed this and could imagine vaping it on a cold day. You could definitely taste the blackcurrant and white grape, the strawberrino was a little lost, so maybe tweak the recipe to up the strawberrino percentage. All in all a good vape.


Lastly I tried the toasted beef sandwich. Well, as soon as I smelled this, I was not impressed. I should say that I’m not into savoury vapes.  This was not pleasant to smell and as soon as I tried it I knew it was not for me. I could taste the beef taste and the toast but it was not pleasant. I only had a few hits and quickly concluded it was not for me. But this is simply down to my mixing skills and personal taste, not a negative point for the concentrate.


My overall opinion of these concentrates and recipes is that they are a quality product that can be mixed easily. My recipes need a little tweaking, but are very vapable. So head over to Decadent Vapours and give them a go. Maybe you can come up with a cool recipe that other people will love!




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