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November 22, 2018


About Victor Mullin aka Vaping With Vic: I’m a YouTube reviewer, and one of the few still doing e-liquid reviews after two and a half years of reviewing, although its mostly hardware reviews that the channel is doing now. I’m also a member of an ever shrinking type of vaper, the mouth to lung style of vaping, although I do like airy draws sometimes. The weekly “Watts Up?!” vlogs on a Sunday have sometimes got a reputation of getting a bit…ranty.


How long have you been reviewing vaping products on youtube?
I started at the end of March in 2014. The very first video on my channel (which is still there) is me on my first day of vaping with a little cig-a-like. It kinda grew from there. Started with E-Liquids (which most ecig reviewers start on) and branched out into hardware a few months later.


Who or what inspired you to start your youtube channel?
Back in 2014 the ‘review scene’ for the UK was completely different to the way it is now. Now we have a good broad selection of reviewers, from the new faces like Devil Vaper and London Vaper, to the big names like Todd and Scott IGetchya69. In 2014 however the UK reviewers was a lot more sparsely populated.  The original intention was for me to do weekly vlogs updating folks on how I was doing with ecigs. I then realised that most of the reviewers in the UK (apart from Worm and Proton and Martyn Parker) had stopped or cut back on the e-liquid reviews.  So I started doing reviews for e-liquids, it snowballed from there.


Who do you look up to in the vape community?
Almost everyone, I’m a bit on the short side.


Being serious though… Phil Busardo.  That man goes into so much technical detail on a level that no one else can match.  Some people have tried to emulate what he does, but they just can’t beat the way Phil does it. Dave Dorn from VapourTrails UK (on Youtube) the work he has done for advocacy on a UK level is second to none, I have a lot of time and respect for Dave.  IGetchya69 is an obvious one, he’s been reviewing for years now and you can go back to his early vids and see how much the industry has changed.


What’s your everyday vape setup?
For the past 4ish months it’s been the SXK Corolla (mouth to lung loosely based genesis style tank) on the SXK Zero Mini. If I’m in the mood to chuck clouds and set off the fire alarm I drag out the Aromamiser Supreme on the SBody Nuke DNA 200.


How has the industry changed in your time?
It has changed drastically, especially since December 2014/January 2015. Back in 2014 the highest mainstream wattage device that was readily available at a cost that wouldn’t break the bank was the older range from Innokin. When Pioneer4U released the short lived IPV 1 which went to 35 watts, it opened the floodgates to the ‘wattage race’.


I was one of the few who bought the original IPV 1, not a lot of folks own one of those and Pioneer4U only released a small selection of them cause they brought out the V2 at 50watts a day later and recalled the old V1. The dawn of the sub-ohm clearo tank arrived with the Atlantis, which in my eyes has ruined the vape industry for the mouth to lung style vapers, it’s nothing but sub ohm tank after subohm tank now. The one good thing about where the industry went is prices, affordable high wattage devices, drippers and tanks are now out there for everyone to buy.  It was a lot harder back in 2014 to pick up a decent vaping kit for a low price.


What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you on camera?
Hell, too many to list. I do live shows every week on YouTube (on VULive and VUKN) and stuff goes wrong on the live shows all the time. The Aqua FX for instance. Tried to coil and wick one of those damn things on a live show. It took almost an hour. I hate that tank. 


Who or what makes you laugh?
Morecambe and Wise, Steptoe and Son… heck, any of the classic comedy acts. Also, vape reviewers who espouse the whole “community” thing… but then return to their clique to look down on other sections of the same community they claim to “support”. Pointing and laughing at them cheers me up immensely.


If you won the Lottery, what would you do?
Invest in Google and Facebook, buy a house, throw the rest in the bank and then live off the interest.  Heck who am I kidding, I’d probably drink myself to death and gamble it all away, or invest all of it in an ecig company, take the company over and then run that company into the ground cause I don’t have a clue about how to actually run an ecig company… but it’s the thought that counts, right?


What’s your favourite pastime?
I don’t have a pastime anymore, I spend most of my day recording, most of the evening editing and uploading. My videos look like uncontrolled trainwrecks but it takes time to make the trainwreck look good. I do enjoy a few songs at the local pub now and again though.


What would be your advice to someone thinking about coming into this industry (apart from “don’t do it”)?
Depends on what side of the industry. 


E-Liquid side… PLEASE…PLEASE launch with at least two flavours that are unusual or are rare.  Every e-liquid company has a strawberry milkshake, yours isn’t gonna blow my mind compared to the other two dozen strawberry milkshakes I’ve tried. 
On the ecig shop side of things… hire staff that know what they are talking about.


On the reviewing side… start small and work your way up. The worst thing you can do as a reviewer is jump right into the latest and greatest hardware because you are gonna have to buy it in for at least a year until manufacturers start to notice you and send you samples, at even a video a week… that’s gonna cost you.  Start off with a base of e-liquid reviews and work up. Also, be yourself, even if it means you got to rant and piss some people off in the process. Reviewing should be about the personality of the reviewer along with the device they are reviewing.  Also, avoid the cliques… if you don’t, you will eventually lose touch with vast segments of your potential audience.




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