November 27, 2018


Subohm caught up with Dexter Mowatt, Managing Director at Vape Importers Ltd this month.


How long have you been involved with the industry and what got you started? 
In 2009 I was Series Editor for a live Psychic TV show for Living TV. I spent hours in a windowless edit suite clucking for a cigarette when a sound engineer walked in puffing away on a disposable! One puff later and I was totally hooked and mesmerised by what


I truly thought was the most gamechanging product ever created. The next day I had ordered a 510 PCC case from TECC and a week later I had contacted the few cigarette companies that existed in an attempt to secure an exclusive affiliate marketing deal. By 2010 I had become the face of a new cigarette brand called Jasper and Jasper online, if you search ‘Jasper and Jasper review’ on YouTubeyou can still find the videos!


What was being sold back then?
The only ecigarette in the shops were Gamucci disposables and you could buy cartomizers online from Totally Wicked, but eliquid hadn’t yet hit the scene. Nowadays you see vapers everywhere you go, back then I literally didn’t see another person vaping in public for over a year! I once got thrown flat on my face outside a London bar because the bouncers thought I was smoking inside. It was a very strange time to be a vaper, I felt like a Hon Lik disciple spreading the good word of vaping everywhere I went. 


What’s the most exciting thing about your job? 
The most exciting thing I do is try to forecast future trends, which is how I would answer the question if this was an interview with the bank or Alan Sugar. In reality I’m one of the luckiest guys in the world, fortunate enough to travel the world visiting vape exhibitions to test out everything new on the market. Last month I found myself drinking a magnum of DomPerignon champagne on a boat in Miami with David and his team at Element Eliquid, Jacob Johnson and Cam Winans from Buckshot, Marco from Robilio, Lee and the gang from UK Vaper Expo and, of course, some lovely ladies. It’s always nice to hang out and party with the people you do business with. 


Who’s inspired you most in your career? 
An ex-girlfriend’s dad is a legend called Adam Curry who became best known for inventing the Podcast and being a US MTV presenter. Probably the coolest and smartest guy I know. I couldn’t believe he had made a career doing the opposite of what I’d always been told as a kid. This guy smoked pot in his underpants most of the day and recorded a few podcasts while remotely running a multimillion pound online media company from his Surrey based man-cave. He was also married to the Guinness Book of Records holder for oldest ever playboy cover girl. I was very inspired by him. 


If you had to do it all over again, what would you do different?
I would have set up Vape Importers Ltd two years sooner. 


What’s the biggest risk you’ve ever taken? 
Over 4 years ago I signed my life away to Monkey Kingdom, the reality TV producers behind Made in Chelsea. I sold my soul to Channel 4 and Blackberry…. thankfully the show flopped and I regained the rights to all my income along with the ability to speak freely!

What is the best advice you’ve been given? 
My mother always told me to ‘regret the things you do do, not the things you don’t do’. I have spent most of my life failing to achieve what has often seemed the impossible, but I’ve never feared failure. Fearing failure is what holds most people back from reaching their full potential.

What are your top 5 eliquids of all time?
As uncool as it sounds I have to acknowledge that my first ADV was Hangseng tobacco which I vaped exclusively for around 4 years. Since then I’ve become addicted to la Belle Epoque from BordO2, Banana Nut from Element, Ugly butter by Bad Drip and I can’t currently get enough of Blue Waffle from Sub Ohm Juice!


Do you have any hidden talents? 
I am honestly a man of very few talents, however, I love to pretend I’m in the VGOD trick team when no one is watching. It’s only taken a couple of years but when the conditions are right and the air is almost non-existent… I can pull off a mean Jelly fish that even Danny Lolo would be proud of! 


If you could be any animal, what animal would you be and why? 
I’d have to be a shaven chimpanzee, I’d just wear normal clothes and vape 24/7 so no-one could see my face!


If a movie was made about your life, who would you want to play you? 
Well, I’d obviously try to pull a “Sylvester Stallone” and put myself forward for the role by agreeing to a non-existent pay cheque. Failing that it would be someone a lot better looking and talented… or perhaps a talented female actress with a well-defined chin. 


If you found yourself shipwrecked on a deserted island, what three items would you want to have with you? 
Kangertech Dropbox 160, 1,000ml of Blue Waffle and a boat. 


You can keep up with Dexter’s antics on Snapchat - Dextereo.




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