Subzero Short Switch - ‘A Love Story’

January 14, 2019


A few months ago I found myself stuck in a rut; nothing was really interesting me; I wasn’t excited anymore - the glow had dwindled.


At some point in a vapers’ life, you will have felt this or, at least, you will feel it for those still new to the game.


I’d grown bored and sceptical about any new mod that had come out in the last few months; everything had merged into one big box that seemed to fire up to 200ish watts and fire down to 0.1 ohm. 


So, I did the only thing I thought would get me out of this box I’d pushed myself into - I decided to get back to the roots of sub ohm vaping and find myself a single tube mech just like the one I used to enjoy. 


While not being a stranger to mech mods, having owned a handful, I’m willing to admit that I’m by no means an expert. 


But, with my previous knowledge of Ohm’s Law (a must for any vaper really but especially those looking to toy with mechs) and my VTC4 batteries for my own safety, I was now back on the market. 


After playing around with a few, and a bit of uming and ahing, I had near enough settled on one - a CAM by Kryptonite - a nice little 22mm mod with a hybrid connection (that’s where your RDA touches the battery directly instead of a 510 middle man), a hard hitting little thing that feels sturdy and reliable. 


It wasn’t until a colleague of mine stopped me from hitting the ‘buy’ button that I had even heard of the Subzero. He told me he was looking to sell one and that, if I’m looking, I may as well try it. 


Well, the short story is, since the moment I used it I haven’t put it down. 


The mod is fantastic, hard hitting, innovative and, if it looked any sleeker, it would even give me movements.


The 24mm rubberised beauty is a little on the longer side for a good reason and hits like a freight train. 


It’s a 510 connection that feels like a hybrid, with an unmeasurable voltage drop. 


It’s button connection is the real innovation! A pin touches the positive end of the battery, which is put in with the positive side down - while the other side of the pin touches a connector plate split into four. When the button is pressed the plate splits apart creating a point of contact no matter where you press the button. 


The adjuster for the 510 is reverse threaded for ease of screwing the top back down.


The solid copper construction not only offers a fantastic connection all round but it gives the mod the weight it needs to feel sturdy and comfortable in your hand. 


All in all, this is a mod that has helped me enjoy vaping again, it makes me proud when I have built myself a good set of coils, when I’ve built for my 4.2 volts and it’s come out just the way I want it. It’s a real sense of achievement that has been overlooked since the dawn of the high wattage box. 


So, you can keep your DNA chips and your triple battery behemoths, if you want to have real fun get yourself and Subzero and enjoy building again.

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