Like a Hare out of a Trap

February 11, 2019


This month we caught up with Josh and Toran, owners of Jack Rabbit Vapes.


These are some very cool bottles, you’ve bought with you.
Thank you, the setup is - one bottle filled with steeped e liquid and the other with a nicotine shot. The basic idea is that we add enough concentrate to each e liquid bottle that once the shot is added in it levels out to the expected level of concentrate, the most common being 5ml per 30ml of PG/VG, this is how we can under fill the e liquid bottle and not compromise on flavour if and when a shot is added.


The e liquid bottle is under filled, is that to make sure you have enough room for the nicotine? And you will still have the same amount of flavour?
We cannot tell people to add nicotine shots however; they work perfectly if they choose to. For example if you were to add a10ml bottle of 9mg/ml nicotine to one of our under filled 30ml bottles, you’d end would give you 3mg/ml e liquid. In theory, you could even add more PG. If you do add a nicotine shot it should be room temperature, then give it a shake and it’s ready to go.


Banoffee Pie is suspended in a 70/30 mix, is that your ideal ratio? 
Yes 70/30 apart from Rio, which is 60/40 because the fruity flavours work better with a slightly higher PG.


So what made you start thinking about brewing your own?
When we first started vaping, we found a lot of liquids were not up to our standard. We thought how hard could it be? We were very wrong to start with; we tried so many flavour concentrates and ended up throwing out a lot. It still happens even now. But that’s how we built something that we’re proud of. 


How long does the process take on average?
Steeping takes a lot of time, because we only steep naturally. We usually make ten variants of the same recipe, trying them after three weeks, then six weeks and so on.


Sometimes it tastes nicer, sometimes it tastes worse. We’ve been working on the range we have now for about two years. Originally we just did it for us, then our friends tried it and the feedback was great.


Which was the first flavour that took off?
Strawberry cheesecake, but we lost the original recipe! To start with Toran used his pink love heart notepad to create recipes, this is where it started. It’s gold dust now. So many people loved the Strawberry Cheesecake but we couldn’t re-create it. So now we make sure it’s all computerised, with a secure database.  


It’s been a case of trial and error then?
Basically speaking yes!


Tell me about this flavour, Banoffee pie. How did you create this blend, because you don’t use a flavour concentrate labelled Banoffee pie?
I walked into the lab and told Toran I wanted the flavour, it’s my favourite desert, and I’d just had my mum’s. So we started from the bottom, working out the key notes: caramel and banana and working from there. We’ve aimed for layered flavours, to create a different profile on the inhale and exhale. We think it’s a real game changer!


It’s a real labour of love for you then?
Yeah, the girlfriends aren’t very pleased! Everything is handmade, even the labels are put on by hand at the moment.


Where do you think you sit in the market, do you want to go mass produced, or keep being a cottage industry and hire a few more people?
We literally had this conversation again this morning. We don’t want to be some big corporation, we are normal guys making juice for the vaping community. That’s why our slogan is ‘your juice your way’.


So are you keeping up with the TPD?
At the moment we are only selling TPD compliant nicotine shots. However, we are looking into releasing the range in 10ml bottles with nicotine already added, however we know 10ml isn’t the ideal size. That’s why we give people the option for people to buy the larger under filled bottle, and give them the choice to add a solution, be that nicotine or otherwise.


But nicotine shots are available from your website?
Yes they are.


Do the nicotine shots not affect the flavour?
We have found that once nicotine has steeped with the juice it can cause a peppery taste. By adding a nicotine shot we have found that this does not happen. We see it as more of an evolution.



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