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April 9, 2019


If you haven’t heard of the Ideal Ohm Show you’ve been living under a rock. The escapades of Ric, John, Craig and Rich are full of laughs, reviews and solid vape knowledge.


How did the channel get started?

John - The Plumes of Hazard felt they needed a better, British version, of their boring show and asked us for help. We nailed it in my opinion.


Ric - The Plumes needed another show to try to up their dropping exposure so they put the A-Team together. One mention of them on the Ideal Ohm Show doubles their views.


Craig – Yeh they looked at VTUK, but their idea was for more intelligent vaping with actual content - so they asked us.

What is the weirdest vape related item you’ve received as a gift/to review?

John - Not weird to anyone else probably, but I was asked to put a faux leather mod cover and review it, I said no.

Craig - To be honest, getting anything for nothing is weird - even if it’s something that one of the other Ohmies have sent. I hope that never wears off.


Ric - A Chinese tea set. The thought was there though.


Rich – Damn how long have you got? Just today I received a top secret prototype charger that doesn’t work…. and some brushes that I assume are for combing your eyebrows.


At the time of writing you’ve released 72 shows, what’s been the biggest challenge so far?

John - Fridays! I’m shattered when I wake up and sometimes a little hungover.


Craig - The nerves. I still don’t quite get why folk sit and watch us, so I get nervous.


Rich – The hardest bit of the show for me is when one of my kids wake up and I have to rush off and sort them out. I don’t think the other guys mind and it’s a nice break from me for the audience, but it’s very tricky getting a little one back downto sleep and returning to the show like everything is fine.


You often have guests on the show, who’s been your favourite?

John - Scott Bonner because he’s a vaping legend and Ruby because she rocks. To be honest, that question is a bastard because I can’t think of any guest that has been less than exceptional.


Craig - Ruby is ace, as are all the reviewers. They’ve done this for so long they’ve got game. I’d still go with Mooch though, as he’s a great bloke and he’s given us vapers so much.


Rich – I’m going to say Flitz. He’s not super well-known in the UK but he’s a bit of a legend in my eyes. He’s been around the scene as long as anyone and I have talked to him for years so it was awesome to see him on the show just being himself. He was one of the originators of the live vaping show so it’s nice to square the circle.


What has been your funniest vaping muck-up?    


John - Dean misreading MAX in the reflection to be ‘Xam’, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.


Craig – Ric, and beer coming out of his nose. It’s hidden away in a show, but when you see it…….


Ric - Over squeezed a Squonker and the juice squirted out of the drip tip of the atomiser. That and soaking myself with beer during the show. 


Rich – Craig went to last year’s Vapefest on the Thursday and tried to broadcast live from the field. It was a car crash - he couldn’t hear us we couldn’t hear him; it was dark and people were interrupting him… TV gold!


What’s been your favourite E Liquid released in the last twelve months?

John - Cactus Punch!


Craig - Mumford Juice Co. “Playtime”. Only had the one bottle and it never made it over to the UK, but I kept about 2ml for a benchmark.


Ric - Hard to say, it hasn’t been released but Woowaa Cigar ticks the box. Ice Cream Man is a winner and Code Vaporz -Roasted. Bubble Melon Jelly by Sweet Jesus Juice is bang on too.


Rich – All the juices the guys have said, plus one that is not new this year, but new to me - Gluttony by DB Liquids. It’s a really special flavour in my opinion. It’s hard to find truly unique juices these days, but this is a gem.



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