One in a Trillium - Trillium Tank Review

April 9, 2019


The Trillium, by UK based Eden Mods, is a brand new atomiser launched in August 2017. Eden Mods are well known for their quality rebuildable atomisers: The Rose V2, The Rose 3 and the fantastic Snapdragon (which was my first RDA). The Trillium, however, is an atomiser that takes stock coils and is fully compatible with the Aspire Atlantis coil series.


Meaning a whole host of coils are compatible with the Trillium, and I have listed them below:

  • Aspire Atlantis 

  • Aspire Atlantis V2 

  • Aspire Atlantis Mega 

  • Aspire Atlantis Evo 

  • Aspire Triton 

  • Aspire Triton 2 

  • Eleaf Melo 

  • Eleaf Melo 2 

  • Eleaf iJust 2 

  • Vaporesso Target 

  • Vaporesso Gemini 

  • Vaporesso CCell B

  • eyond Vape Silo Beast 

  • Tobeco Super Tank 

  • Tobeco Super Tank Mini 

  • Playboy Vixen 

  • Playboy Vixen Mini 

  • Amigo Donner 22 

  • Amigo Riptide 

  • Project Sub Ohm Saucecode 

  • Anyvape Segatank 

  • Anyvape Furytank 

  • SOV Eclipse 

  • Smokme Subverter Mini 

  • Vaportech Morpheus 

  • Vaportech Morpheus 2 

  • Ovancl Espole 

  • Thunderhead Creations Thunderstorm 

The Trillium is a really stylish, 22mm diameter, high quality stainless steel atomiser.


The tank features a Teflon wide bore drip tip, peek insulators, nitrile o-rings and a fixed 510 pin. The fully adjustable airflow ring can be easily manipulated and is suitable for both mouth to lung and direct to lung vaping.  I was able to adjust the airflow precisely to give a perfect balance between flavour and clouds. With the airflow right open the clouds were enough to set off my fire alarm at home!


The glass tank has a TPD compliant 2ml fill capacity which I thought would be frustratingly small, being used to larger capacity tanks, but the super easy top filling makes light work of regular top ups.  The top ring of the tank slides off leaving the ample filling hole exposed. You can literally top up on the go, in seconds, with no mess.


Talking about no mess, I have been using this atomiser for two weeks and a huge plus point for me is that the tank has not leaked a single drop of juice. I’ve stood it up, laid it down and even left it upside down… not one drop!  I have even left my set up laid on its side overnight to test its leak resistance and it passed with flying colours. I can finally say goodbye to losing half a tank of juice each time I fill up!


The Trillium was made to bridge the gap between new vapers, who want to progress to a highly satisfying, non-rebuildable setup, and more advanced users who wanted something simple but still attractive. Eden Mods have excelled at making a tank that’s suitable for vapers with all levels of experience.


For me, the Trillium is a perfect atomiser. I can build, and I regularly use RTAs, but I’m also a self-confessed “lazy vaper”. The Trillium gives me the perfect balance between an easily set up and maintainable device, with the convenience of a replaceable stock coil, and the fantastic, flavourful vaping experience that I would expect from a well-built RTA.


Rating: easily five out of five - the best non-rebuildable tank I have ever used.  Plus, the girl in me has to say that it looks really, really good too!!



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